Super Smash Flash Download Free for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1

The Super smash flash 2 game can be played in online from us. In order to play the game the first thing is that you must know about the game controls of the super smash flash 2 download game as this is a single player and multi player game, your game controls of the game will be different.

The unblocked game super smash flash controls the game and fights with the enemy using the keys. So before going to play the game every user must know about the controls that are being used in the game. If you are a single player that is you are playing the game in the single mode then your opponent will be the computer. Here you need to fight with your anime fighter and kill the opponent enemy.


Game controls of SSF2 Unblocked for Single Player

For both the single player and multi player the game controls used will be different. Below are the game controls for the single player for super smash flash 2 game

  • W A S D keys are used to control fighter
  • To attack use the P Button
  • For getting the special skills use the O Key
  • To grab the weapon use the U Key
  • In order to taunt use Number 1
  • For opening the shield use L key
  • In order to customize the hot keys use P2, P3 and P4

Game Controls of SSF2 Unblocked for Multi Players

When you play the game super smash in a multi player mode the you must use the different controls and the game is played in 2 player mode one of the player will have the same keys as the single player but the other one will have the different keys. For more information of the game controls for playing in 2 mode simply see below:

Player 1:

  • To Move use the W A S D key
  • To grab or get something use U key
  • To get shield use I Key
  • To attack use O key
  • For attacking 2 use the P button
  • In order to taunt use 1 key.

Player 2:

  • For moving Use the W A S D
  • use 5 to grab or get
  • For any shield use the 1 key
  • To perform attack 1 use the 2 key
  • next attack use the 3 key

For taunt use 4 number


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