We live in a changing world dominated by technology with a concentration in IT and mechanical advancement thus there are a lot of terms and lingua we must familiarize ourselves with to keep abreast of current affairs. The Computer and the internet are clearly the most recognized mechanical innovation in the world. This innovation comes with many terms and this article will help you familiarize yourself with the popular and common terms you are likely to come across when trying to understand the tech world we now live in.


Bits and Bytes

A bit is the smallest unit of estimation in digital communication and 1 byte equal to 8 bits.


Booting simply means to start up or initialize a computer system. In windows Operating System, the shortcut of pressing the CTRL, ALT, and DELL at the same time is used.


Broadband is an expansive data transmission where a single wire can convey more than one sort of signal at a time. It can transmit things like picture, video, etc. Cable TV such as HBO is a perfect example of the use of broadband transmission.



In its most basic form, a program is an executable list of instruction that tells the computer what to do. There are different sort of programs: web programs (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) Programming Languages (PASCAL, FORTRAN, etc.)


The Computer Aided Design that allows users to design and create 2D and 3D outlines and used by Architects, Engineers, Industrial designers, etc.


This refers to all crimes committed using a computer and internet connectivity. It includes but not limited to spreading malware, hacking, financial theft, child pornography, etc.

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