Easy Guide to Change the Password of your Router With IP

How do you access the internet? It must be through the router, right? Wifi routers are a hot cake in the market. Not only do they make access to the internet easy, but also develop a good internet speed. So, your work is done much faster. Do you know your router needs security too? Yes! Of course! Why not! All routers come with a defaulted password and username. But think logically. Is it fair enough to use the ascribed password and username?
Definitely not! Look, wifi is a great device to keep you connected to the internet. But a weakly secured wifi can put your life at risk. While dealing with a router you need to keep two things in mind – one, you should keep your router password protected and two, change the password at regular intervals. Besides, if you keep on changing your password, that too keeps your neighbors and friends at a safe distance from stealing your bandwidth.

There are certain functions to be performed in order to change router password.
Its three main essentials are:

  1. Open the configuration page of the router
  2. Use current details to log in
  3. Change password under wireless settings menu

Let’s deal with each of them individually.

Step 1: Open your router’s configuration page
Your router’s configuration page can be accessed through a web browser. Use the computer with which you are connected. Choose the same network both on your computer and router. If you cannot link up with the help of Wifi, you can use the Ethernet cable. Ethernet will suffice the purpose of a Wifi.

  • 1. Some of the general router IP addresses are: Login, or Put this address in the address bar of the browser.
  • 2. If none of the above addresses work, open the command prompt. Press the windows key and R together. Then enter ‘cmd’. After the command page opens type ipconfig.
  • 3. If everything fails, press and hold the reset button for a while. This will take the device into the factory default settings. Check for the default address and enter it in the browser.

Step 2: Enter the username and password of the router
Before you actually start accessing into the device, your router will need a username and password. There are high chances that the username of your router will be ‘admin’ provided that you did not change it at all. Similarly, the password of your router is ‘password’. This is a general case. However, for some devices, the password and username may vary.

Step 3: Open the wireless section
After logging in, look for the wireless section of the configuration page. Although the name differs, yet in general it is ‘wireless’ or ‘wireless settings’. Next, open the wireless security page.

Step 4: Change password Into the box typed as ‘password’, enter your new password that you want to set. Sometimes, to reconfirm, the newly set password is asked to be retyped further. Make sure that you use a strong password consisting of at least 8 characters. Use numbers, characters, alphabets, special characters and all that is possible in the password. This will make it stronger.

Step 5: Check the security type General, the wireless encryption for a router is of three types – WEP, WPA and WPA2. If you want the most secured network, use WPA2. If you connect d=router to older devices, you may face problems. In such cases, switch from WPA 2 to WPA. Never ever choose to attach WEP to your router. WEP encryption is likely to break your connection within less than 30 minutes.


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