Easy Guide to Change the Password of your Router With IP

How do you access the internet? It must be through the router, right? Wifi routers are a hot cake in the market. Not only do they make access to the internet easy, but also develop a good internet speed. So, your work is done much faster. Do you know your router needs security too? Yes! Of course! Why not! All routers come with a defaulted password and username. But think logically. Is it fair enough to use the ascribed password and username?
Definitely not! Look, wifi is a great device to keep you connected to the internet. But a weakly secured wifi can put your life at risk. While dealing with a router you need to keep two things in mind – one, you should keep your router password protected and two, change the password at regular intervals. Besides, if you keep on changing your password, that too keeps your neighbors and friends at a safe distance from stealing your bandwidth.

There are certain functions to be performed in order to change router password.
Its three main essentials are:

  1. Open the configuration page of the router
  2. Use current details to log in
  3. Change password under wireless settings menu

Let’s deal with each of them individually.

Step 1: Open your router’s configuration page
Your router’s configuration page can be accessed through a web browser. Use the computer with which you are connected. Choose the same network both on your computer and router. If you cannot link up with the help of Wifi, you can use the Ethernet cable. Ethernet will suffice the purpose of a Wifi.

  • 1. Some of the general router IP addresses are: Login, or Put this address in the address bar of the browser.
  • 2. If none of the above addresses work, open the command prompt. Press the windows key and R together. Then enter ‘cmd’. After the command page opens type ipconfig.
  • 3. If everything fails, press and hold the reset button for a while. This will take the device into the factory default settings. Check for the default address and enter it in the browser.

Step 2: Enter the username and password of the router
Before you actually start accessing into the device, your router will need a username and password. There are high chances that the username of your router will be ‘admin’ provided that you did not change it at all. Similarly, the password of your router is ‘password’. This is a general case. However, for some devices, the password and username may vary.

Step 3: Open the wireless section
After logging in, look for the wireless section of the configuration page. Although the name differs, yet in general it is ‘wireless’ or ‘wireless settings’. Next, open the wireless security page.

Step 4: Change password Into the box typed as ‘password’, enter your new password that you want to set. Sometimes, to reconfirm, the newly set password is asked to be retyped further. Make sure that you use a strong password consisting of at least 8 characters. Use numbers, characters, alphabets, special characters and all that is possible in the password. This will make it stronger.

Step 5: Check the security type General, the wireless encryption for a router is of three types – WEP, WPA and WPA2. If you want the most secured network, use WPA2. If you connect d=router to older devices, you may face problems. In such cases, switch from WPA 2 to WPA. Never ever choose to attach WEP to your router. WEP encryption is likely to break your connection within less than 30 minutes.


How To Delete Game - Simple Ways

Presently, most of the people are using smart phone and for time pass they are playing different types of mobile games. Each and every game occupied some space within phone. And sometimes, due to overload your phone pay not works properly. So, it’s always essential to check the mobile capability, game sizes, and then use. If your mobile is full with the games, then your phone may hang or run slowly.

How to delete game from android phone?
If you are using android phone and want to delete some games, then you have to follow some simple steps. There are few things you have to consider before delete any game.

  1. First, you need to select the game
  2. Go to the Playstore and open the game from there
  3. Now, you will get two option, one is update and another is uninstall.
  4. You have to click uninstall option
  5. And the game will be uninstalled.

How to delete game from iphone

It’s very simple and easy to delete any game from the iphone. You just need to select the game and then get the curser there and when you get cross sign mark, click on it and the the game will remove easily. From mobile, in this way you will delete any game if you wish. Now, if you have games in the tab or laptop, then you have to follow some simple steps to start. You have to go to the file area and select the file and then delete it from computer. If you don’t have much idea about how to remove the game from PC or desktop, you can hire a professional. It will save your valuable time and cost both. They will remove from the core file and create space on your laptop.

Delete save games and saved data’s
If you want to delete data from saved file from save game, then you have to follow some basic steps, like

  1. On your phone, open settings option
  2. Then tab Google
  3. Then tab connected apps
  4. Select the game whose data you want to save
  5. Then disconnect the tab
  6. And the entire game details deleted.

This is safe and secure way to delete the game and create free space. The more your mobile have space, the more your mobile run smoothly.


Indoor Cycling Benefits: Burn Calories & Imporve Health

Indoor cycling is also known as spinning, is a designed activity, a form of workout that mainly focuses on endurance, high intensity, strength, and recovery. Best Workouts using Spin Bike in GYM! is a very good choice of exercise if you want to lose some fat, improve the health of your heart, boost muscle strength. There are many indoor cycling benefits & uses, let us take a look at them.

Benefits & Uses

First of all, where to do indoor cycling? Well, you can either buy a machine and cycle whenever you want or you can join indoor cycling classes at the gym. Many gyms offer great courses and charge reasonable amounts. Choose a course or a plan where you can do three to five classes per week so that you get the best outcomes. You can also add one to two classes per week in your exercise routine. Each class is usually for forty-five minutes to one hour.

An instructor will be assigned to you or your class, he or she will lead the session with various types of cycling such as bursts of speed, uphill climbs, and brief recovery sessions with light pedaling. Sometimes you will have to get off the seat and pedal while maintaining a standing position. Anyway, we told you about the classes now let's finally look at the benefits you can achieve from indoor cycling are:

1. Muscular strength: Muscular strength basically means the capability of the muscle to continuously and frequently exert force throughout an extended time period. In indoor cycling, as you pedal against the resistance you develop the strength of your muscles in your legs. The muscles that develop such strength are the calf muscles, the quadriceps, gluteus, and hamstrings. Working these muscles also helps to strengthen surrounding bones, tendons, and ligaments increasing overall strength so that activities of daily living can be performed with ease.

2. Stress level: The indoor cycling session can give you the same adrenaline rush and the release of endorphins which is the happiness-inducing neurotransmitters. Endorphins create sensations of euphoria, lower the stress levels, and improve the immune response of the body.

3. Cardiovascular: Scientific report says that an adult needs to exercise for at least 150 minutes per week in order to stay healthy. The indoor cycling session will help to keep the heart rate within a healthy range for about 45-60 minutes. Exercising on an indoor cycle can also help to decrease the chances of developing coronary artery disease.


Super Smash Flash Download Free for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1

The Super smash flash 2 game can be played in online from us. In order to play the game the first thing is that you must know about the game controls of the super smash flash 2 download game as this is a single player and multi player game, your game controls of the game will be different.

The unblocked game super smash flash controls the game and fights with the enemy using the keys. So before going to play the game every user must know about the controls that are being used in the game. If you are a single player that is you are playing the game in the single mode then your opponent will be the computer. Here you need to fight with your anime fighter and kill the opponent enemy.


Game controls of SSF2 Unblocked for Single Player

For both the single player and multi player the game controls used will be different. Below are the game controls for the single player for super smash flash 2 game

  • W A S D keys are used to control fighter
  • To attack use the P Button
  • For getting the special skills use the O Key
  • To grab the weapon use the U Key
  • In order to taunt use Number 1
  • For opening the shield use L key
  • In order to customize the hot keys use P2, P3 and P4

Game Controls of SSF2 Unblocked for Multi Players

When you play the game super smash in a multi player mode the you must use the different controls and the game is played in 2 player mode one of the player will have the same keys as the single player but the other one will have the different keys. For more information of the game controls for playing in 2 mode simply see below:



When you decide to start a small business, you go into it with the thought to expand and stay in business for a long time so all planning and purchases must be with one idea in mind; how does this serve me in the end? IT hardware, software, and setup are one of the most complex and complicated purchases new businesses have to make so it is important to resist the temptation of buying cheap instead of buying good technology that will serve you better and more efficiently in the long run.

There are two grades of technology: consumer and commercial. Almost all equipment sold at local computer shops is for consumers. Which would you rather go for, cheap products or expensive tech that will serve you better in the end?

Outsource IT Support

It makes look like an expensive option at first glance to outsource IT support but it is a choice you want to make if you don’t want to be caught outside your area of expertise. A good IT support company accesses your needs and make suggestions that will save you money in the course of long-term planning.


Consider a Managed Service Plan

This is a great idea to consider if you intend to stick to the company for all of your IT support needs.

Most IT firms offer a managed service plan that covers all IT support needs and sometimes hardware for a monthly fee. Be sure to ask questions on time caps (especially if they offer weekend support) as this could affect your decision on how best to save cost if done correctly.

Have a Single Point of Contact

To reduce IT support cost I advise that you have IT issues routed to a staff at your office in charge of IT matters before calling tech companies.
Hire Staff with IT Background

With a single point of contact, it would be easy to check patterns based on incoming complaints and isolate the problem, thus save cost before calling IT support.

You can save a lot of money in your business when you hire someone with experience in IT.

This staff would serve as the single point of contact mentioned above and would help identify issues within your IT system before calling external IT support who could bill you for hours your internal contact could have easily identified.

Author Profile


My name is Ellumination. I am co-owner of Daxtech IT solutions located in the British Columbia, Canada where I offer IT Support to small businesses. I am an IT expert and have worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. My passion for working with small businesses to help them become more efficient and profitable is why I share my experiences and advice as a Basic plus Level Expert author on EzineArticles. I have skills in cloud computing, IT service management, Project management, computer hardware, marketing strategy and excellent customer service.


When computers and the internet started to become very popular people figured out how the new technology would be useful to them. Some people learned how to code so they could develop marketable software, there were gaming programs like Mario from Nintendo, chat rooms from Hotmail (MSN messenger). 

For me, I was heading in a different direction because I saw the computer as my source of income. I was not interested in wasting time in the chat room, or playing online games and following internet gossip. I only wanted to make money from my PC. If you are like me looking to make income on the internet…and by income, I mean as much money as you can possibly imagine then I am here to educate you on the investment opportunity that is here to stay, Cryptocurrency.

The first recognized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin started operation in 2009. Transactions of bitcoin trade are lodged in a public digital ledger known as the block chain. With the popularity of Bitcoin, there are currently over 100,000 companies, firms, charities and financial institutions that now accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

The highlight of this cryptocurrency was in March 2017 when it equaled and surpassed the price of gold. Bitcoin has been estimated to grow at the rate of over $1700 to one bitcoin by the end of 2017.

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency used to secure transactions. Currently, there are over 650 currencies traded such as Bitcoin, Primecoin, Peercoin, Onecoin, etc. There is no intermediary in the chain of the transaction, decentralized for direct peer-to-peer transfer of coin.
Cryptocurrency is used as an alternative to regular financial means of transaction and used only on the internet


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