When you decide to start a small business, you go into it with the thought to expand and stay in business for a long time so all planning and purchases must be with one idea in mind; how does this serve me in the end? IT hardware, software, and setup are one of the most complex and complicated purchases new businesses have to make so it is important to resist the temptation of buying cheap instead of buying good technology that will serve you better and more efficiently in the long run.

There are two grades of technology: consumer and commercial. Almost all equipment sold at local computer shops is for consumers. Which would you rather go for, cheap products or expensive tech that will serve you better in the end?

Outsource IT Support

It makes look like an expensive option at first glance to outsource IT support but it is a choice you want to make if you don’t want to be caught outside your area of expertise. A good IT support company accesses your needs and make suggestions that will save you money in the course of long-term planning.


Consider a Managed Service Plan

This is a great idea to consider if you intend to stick to the company for all of your IT support needs.

Most IT firms offer a managed service plan that covers all IT support needs and sometimes hardware for a monthly fee. Be sure to ask questions on time caps (especially if they offer weekend support) as this could affect your decision on how best to save cost if done correctly.

Have a Single Point of Contact

To reduce IT support cost I advise that you have IT issues routed to a staff at your office in charge of IT matters before calling tech companies.
Hire Staff with IT Background

With a single point of contact, it would be easy to check patterns based on incoming complaints and isolate the problem, thus save cost before calling IT support.

You can save a lot of money in your business when you hire someone with experience in IT.

This staff would serve as the single point of contact mentioned above and would help identify issues within your IT system before calling external IT support who could bill you for hours your internal contact could have easily identified.

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My name is Ellumination. I am co-owner of Daxtech IT solutions located in the British Columbia, Canada where I offer IT Support to small businesses. I am an IT expert and have worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. My passion for working with small businesses to help them become more efficient and profitable is why I share my experiences and advice as a Basic plus Level Expert author on EzineArticles. I have skills in cloud computing, IT service management, Project management, computer hardware, marketing strategy and excellent customer service.


When computers and the internet started to become very popular people figured out how the new technology would be useful to them. Some people learned how to code so they could develop marketable software, there were gaming programs like Mario from Nintendo, chat rooms from Hotmail (MSN messenger). 

For me, I was heading in a different direction because I saw the computer as my source of income. I was not interested in wasting time in the chat room, or playing online games and following internet gossip. I only wanted to make money from my PC. If you are like me looking to make income on the internet…and by income, I mean as much money as you can possibly imagine then I am here to educate you on the investment opportunity that is here to stay, Cryptocurrency.

The first recognized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin started operation in 2009. Transactions of bitcoin trade are lodged in a public digital ledger known as the block chain. With the popularity of Bitcoin, there are currently over 100,000 companies, firms, charities and financial institutions that now accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

The highlight of this cryptocurrency was in March 2017 when it equaled and surpassed the price of gold. Bitcoin has been estimated to grow at the rate of over $1700 to one bitcoin by the end of 2017.

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency used to secure transactions. Currently, there are over 650 currencies traded such as Bitcoin, Primecoin, Peercoin, Onecoin, etc. There is no intermediary in the chain of the transaction, decentralized for direct peer-to-peer transfer of coin.
Cryptocurrency is used as an alternative to regular financial means of transaction and used only on the internet


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